The new Katmandu Park in Punta Cana

The Caribbean is renowned for its beautiful water features, from the clear blue sea to the luxurious resort pools and exciting water parks. However, a new theme park has arrived on the scene that is breaking the mold by offering an experience that is not focused on water-based activities.

Katmandu Park Punta Cana has recently opened its doors in the Dominican Republic, becoming the second installment of “The Hidden Realms of Katmandu” franchise. Unlike typical theme parks with massive coasters and sprawling outdoor attractions, Katmandu offers a compact yet immersive experience that is mostly indoors.

The park’s four main attractions are heavily inspired by the Himalayas and include the Challenge of the Mad Mage, an ON!X Theater attraction that features an interactive blaster duel with sensory feedback provided through electric motion seats. There’s also EtherQuest, an interactive walk-through experience where guests use various props to defeat a powerful enemy.

The Legend of the Desirata is a 4D dark ride that tells the origin story of Katmandu through multiple projection screens, lighting effects, wind effects, and stunning scenic elements. Finally, the Voyage of the Fathom Wanderer takes guests on an underwater mission to fend off a sea monster, with the suspended theater attraction providing the unique sensation of flight.

The park also offers Expedition Golf, a 36-hole course spread over a mountainous setting and inside caves, an outdoor ropes course, and The Quadagon, which has four indoor climbing courses for both children and adults. The Wheel of Infinite Wonder, a Katmandu-themed carousel with custom figures, is the centerpiece of the park’s plaza.

Although the experience is not water-based, the park is just minutes away from the ocean, and visitors can still enjoy water adventures. The least expensive tickets start at $85 for children, and there are three package options available. Falcon’s Beyond, the global entertainment company that operates Katmandu, plans to open an adjacent retail, dining, and entertainment complex in early 2025.

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